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Our Story

Thrive Naturals QuoteWe founded Thrive Naturals on the basis that if we are not living life to its fullest – if we are not THRIVING – then we are just not living. Thrive Naturals Quote

This is my true story and one that I have shared over the years with family, friends, colleagues, and everyone who has noticed the changes in me.
One morning, several years ago, I woke up and got on the scale, and there it was, I had officially gained over 30 lbs! I turned to my wife in amazement and desperation – “How did I let this happen?”. Between the stress of work, three young daughters, and life, it became too easy to fall into the trap of not exercising, not eating well and not taking supplements to nourish my body. I was sick and tired of being literally sick and tired all the time! My immune system was shot; I did not have the energy to play with my kids the way they wanted me to, and I just was not thriving. I knew I had to change… and change now.
The reality is that I knew better. Earlier in my life, I had been a veteran Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with a lot of medical training and first-hand experience where I saw the harmful results of my patients living an unhealthy life. I knew I had to get back to my roots and find a solution. I began to research and embrace a life filled with diet, proper nutrition, and supplements. I am proud to say that the changes I made helped me lose the weight, regain my energy and thrive!
However, the path was not an easy one. The more research I did, the more books I read, the more doctors I interviewed – the more I realized that we live in a world that makes it hard to be healthy. With all the concerns of genetically modified, pesticide sprayed and hormone-injected food, we have to be extra vigilant about what goes into our bodies. I knew I was not getting the proper vitamins I needed from the food I was eating, and that getting the proper vitamins was crucial to my overall health. However, when faced with the endless aisles of supplements, it was simply overwhelming. There were just too many sub-standard vitamins in the market made with fillers and synthetic ingredients just so they could be advertised at a low price. I became frustrated. The more I would research a supplement, the more I would discover that they were often made in facilities overseas and did not follow strict quality guidelines. I knew that supplements were critical to my goal of regaining health, but it was too difficult to find a trustworthy brand that I knew I could count on to use pure, natural ingredients that were really what my body needed.
It was with this determination to find only the best supplements for my family and me – that I founded Thrive Naturals. Today, we operate with the focus of being able to share our knowledge and discoveries with our community. If we can create the change in others as we have created in ourselves, then, it is all worth it. It is with this notion of our customers being our extended family that we operate with the following core values:
Pure and Natural Ingredients
We are committed to ensuring that our ingredients are of the highest quality and never contain synthetic ingredients and fillers. Your body deserves and needs the best to Thrive. It is with this focus that we aggressively pursue only natural and pure ingredients. If it does not meet our very strict specifications, then we will not offer it in our products. The purer our ingredients can be, the better your body will absorb its properties.
Total Quality Management & Testing
Our laboratory, which is located here in the USA, is a source of pride for us, and we are constantly testing to guarantee we are delivering the quality our customers have come to expect. Our laboratory adheres to strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and to meet even higher standards, we subject our products to additional third party testing to ensure that the ingredients are pure.
1 Year Guarantee
365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
We want you to love our products as much as we love them! We are so confident you will see the results you desire that we are proud to offer a no questions asked 1 year, full money back guarantee! No hassles – if you don’t love it, simply return it. We will offer you a replacement or a refund on your purchase price. Just call or e-mail us to get started. If you have any questions, we want to hear from you!
Thrive Customer Service
At Thrive Naturals, we want to be your partner helping you achieve your health goals and Thrive! We want you to love your experience with us, and we know if you do, you will tell others. Our site is monitored daily by our security team to ensure your transactions are safe so you can shop with confidence. We use the latest in software and hardware technology so you can always be assured that your credit card information is secure. We know you are eager to get your products, and so our commitment is to ship your products within 1-3 days of your purchase. If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via e-mail support@thrivenaturals.com or phone 1-800-371-8131. Our customer service department is open Monday – Friday, 8AM – 8PM EST and Saturday 8AM – 1PM EST.

We are excited and honored to have you join our community. We commend you for taking action to create change in your life. May you live each day filled with vigor, passion and may you truly Thrive!