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7 Liver Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

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The liver plays a surprisingly important part of your overall health, and it is often the most overlooked and is hardest working organs. Proper liver function plays an essential role in digestive health and toxin filtering. It contributes to your metabolism, hormones, circulation, and digestive system. Supporting liver health can improve detoxification, which has a domino effect of boosting many other functions within the body.


Warning Signs that Your Liver Needs Help

When the liver is functioning in the right way, it identifies toxic substances and moves them out through natural detoxification channels. The liver regulates blood flow, which is the system that delivers oxygen and nutrients to all areas of the body. An excess amount of toxins can weigh down the liver which triggers a negative impact on blood flow and immune response.

Is your liver healthy, or is it calling for help? Watch for these critical signs that lifestyle and dietary changes are needed to support liver health:


#1. Jaundice

A properly functioning liver will break down bilirubin, a yellow colored substance that needs to be expelled from the body. If the liver is struggling, then bilirubin builds up and can cause the white areas to turn yellow. The yellow hues are seen in the white of the eyes, skin, tongue, and fingertips.


#2. Changes in Stool or Urine Colors

It might not be pleasant to check the toilet after you have eliminated. But, changes in the color of urine and stools indicate the bilirubin levels in the body. Talk to your doctor if you see anything from dark brown to bright orange.


#3. Digestive Issues

Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and bloating could be signs of liver disease. A lack of bile causes a range of digestive issues, which often can be misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome or other gastrointestinal disorders.


#4. Weight and Appetite Changes

Even if you choose healthy foods, the lack of bile has a direct impact on food digestion. A malfunctioning liver makes it difficult for the food to be broken down, often resulting in weight loss and changes in appetite.


#5. Fatigue

A lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, but extreme fatigue from liver problems leaves a person feeling tired regardless of the amount of sleep at night. Persistent exhaustion occurs when the body is trying to compensate for reduced liver performance.


#6. Hepatitis Diagnosis

A diagnosis of Hepatitis A, B, or C, is a sure sign that the liver is struggling. A parasitic or viral infection in the liver results in inflammation and reduces the function of the organ.


#7. Itching

If you feel itchy, it could be a symptom of many different health concerns. When the itching is paired with other liver signs, then you need to consider options to treat the liver. Usually, the itching symptoms are chronic and impact the entire body. Medical professionals aren’t sure why itching is a sign of liver problems, but it could be related to the accumulation of bile salt.

If you identify signs that your liver is struggling, it means that you need to act to support your health. Don’t hesitate to talk to a doctor for a professional diagnosis. Sometimes these symptoms can be caused by other health issues. Help your body operate at its best by adding an essential liver supplement to your daily routine. This seemingly small changes can make a big difference to improve your overall health. Check out our Thrive Naturals Liver & Kidney Cleanse for a natural, comprehensive supplement that supports kidney and liver detoxification.

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