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Want a better brain? Be a better friend!

3 minutes to read


Friends and family are everything...especially during this time of year.

And they help provide a benefit for you that might come as a shock:

They help your mind stay sharp!

Let me explain…


You see, there’s new research out of Northwestern University that set out to examine “Super Agers” — people over the age of 80 whose memories were as good or better than people 30 years younger. (1)

And what the doctors found was simply stunning.

They took a look at this special group of individuals and compared them with a selection of ‘cognitively normal adults.’


The “Super Agers” tested better than their counterparts when it came to holding “satisfying, warm, trusting” relationships.

On top of that, the “Super Agers” were found to have a larger left anterior cingulate — which is crucial when it comes to attention and memory.


This study confirms what I’ve felt all along — an active social life coupled with strong relationships could actually boost the health of your brain.

One more plus: the “Super Agers” were also found to have brains with thicker cortices than others in their age group.

This is important for one simple reason: people with thicker brains are smarter! (2)

So, the next time you decide to have a night in, playing your favorite card game with friends…

Or you decide to linger at the restaurant for a little while longer after your meal has ended to keep chatting…


Understand you’re actually supporting a better, more optimized brain.

If you’ve got a special thing you love to do with family or a game you enjoy playing with your friends...

Just drop us a line and tell us all about it.

I’d love for this blog (as well as Thrive Naturals’ Super Brain Renew) to also be a way you keep your mind sharp — especially if your tips can help your fellow subscribers stay healthy too!



(1) "An Active Social Life 'Could Help Boost Brain Health', Study Claims". 2018. Starts At 60. Accessed October 2 2018. https://startsat60.com/health/big-issues/mental-health/an-active-social-life-could-help-boost-brain-health-study-claims.

(2) Science, Live. 2009. "Thick-Brained People Are Smarter". Live Science. Accessed October 3 2018. https://www.livescience.com/5364-thick-brained-people-smarter.html.

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