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Trying to get in shape? Try being “clever”...

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If you’re anything like me, you love being able to look into the mirror and truly enjoy what you see.

Because while it’s one thing to think you look great…it means even more when you feel like you’re doing great, too!

After all, the act of self-compassion (treating yourself the way you’d treat a friend) has been shown to reduce the cortisol in your body, which is a major source of fat production. (1)

But, knowing this also got me thinking about all the other “hidden” ways you can burn calories, keep the fat away and stay trim.

I gathered a few of my favorites and put them into this email for you to try for yourself.

And they’re all so easy, you can start doing them today.

Here are my “Clever Calorie Crushers”:


1. Laugh, A Lot

In a recent study, doctors from Vanderbilt’s Department of Medicine looked at 45 couples and how they reacted to movies that were either dramatic or funny.

Well, when they saw the data after the films, they were surprised to see that the laughter during the funny movies increased their metabolism by up to 20%! (2)


2. Chew Some Gum

Researchers in Japan took a look at regular citizens and gave them chewing gum after some meals but withheld it from them after others.

And what they saw next was shocking — because on the occasions when the group did chew gum, they burned significantly MORE calories than when they didn’t. (3)


3. Get a cool (really cool) refreshing drink

Just simply drinking lots of water is already an excellent part of a successful weight loss journey. (4)

But what most don’t know is that the colder the water, the better it is for your weight loss efforts. (5)

Your body naturally wants to get that cold water to the same temp as the rest of your digestive system. So, as your body works to heat up the cold water, that “work” is also using up calories.

Like I said, all three of these are easy things you can start doing right now to give yourself a leg up in the fight against unwanted weight gain.

So, give these a try. They can have you on the road to feeling good and looking great in no time!


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