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6 Ways to “Spring” Into Good Health

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Spring is a perfect opportunity for a fresh start. The trees are budding, flowers are peeking through in the garden, and many of us are working to clean out the closets. As you are cleaning up the yard and clearing clutter to beautify your home, don’t overlook the work that needs to be done to improve your health as well.


Most of us find that health takes second priority to the immediate tasks that need to be addressed. But, improving your health is the top thing you can do to take care of yourself and your family. Follow these six simple strategies to boost your health during this beautiful Spring season:


1. Schedule Checkups and Health Screenings

It is easy to forget when it is time to visit the doctor for an annual checkup or screening. These appointments are often pushed to the backburner during the busy holiday season and summer months. Create a plan that matches the ebb-and-flow of your year. Spring is a great time to schedule dental exams, eye appointments, and other necessary screenings. Depending on your age, it might be time to have a mammogram, PAP test, or colonoscopy.


2. Cut Refined Sugar for a Month

Valentine’s Day and Easter can make it hard to stay on track with your health goals. If you have a sweet tooth, then cutting refined sugar might be the best thing that is needed to get your meal plan back on track. Start by getting rid of the sweet treats around the house. Instead, fill the fridge with your favorite fruits that you can enjoy when a sweet craving hits.


3. Breathe the Fresh Air

Do you live in an area with four seasons? When the air starts to warm up, it is a sign that you need to spend more time outside. Not only can you enjoy the fresh air and the smells of spring, but it is also an excuse to get your blood pumping. Exercise is beneficial to strengthen your cardiovascular system and burn a few calories, helping you be ready for the swimsuit season ahead.


4. Reduce Stress Levels

Chronic stress is a serious issue that most people deal with in our modern world. Even if you can’t eliminate stress altogether, there are things that you can do to relax and improve your mood. Squeeze in time to meditate, get on the yoga mat, or go for a walk through nature can all make a difference. Add a few minutes of deep meditative breathing to your day not only regulates your body’s systems, but it improves your productivity through the rest of the day as well.


5. Increase Water Consumption

Dehydration is often confused with hunger, which means that you might be overeating when you really just need more water. Drink a tall glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to energize your body’s cells and set you off to a great day. Be proactive by keeping a water bottle on hand throughout the day. Eight 8-ounce glasses of water is the ideal amount of liquid to consume each day. Having water available will help you stay hydrated, even when you aren’t outside in the sun.


6. Purge the Bathroom Drawers

Take time to clean out the bathroom cabinets and drawers. Throw away expired medication and old makeup. Makeup and healthcare products usually have a short shelf life of one to two years. But, these products can go bad and may harm your health if you continue using them after expiration. Clean out the cupboards to create an excuse to go shopping to freshen your bathroom supplies and makeup bag with new lipstick and foundation.

Spring is the perfect time to focus on improving yourself. If you use these helpful ideas, you will ready for an amazing Summer which is just around the corner.

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