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5 Easy “Better Brain” Tricks for Improved Concentration

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No, it's not just you. We all tend to have a little more trouble concentrating as we age, largely due to normal age-related changes in brain function. But the good news is that you can improve your brain function and the health of your brain in myriad ways, according to research. Here are just five of them.

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1. Meditate

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of sitting quietly, focusing on your breathing, and bringing your attention to the present moment. When thoughts of the past or future enter your mind, regard them without judgment and turn your focus back to your breath in the present moment. According to Harvard Medical School, mindfulness meditation helps quell distracting thoughts, and it reduces anxiety and nagging worries, which make it hard to focus on the task at hand.

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2. Exercise

A number of studies show that exercise can enhance concentration, focus, and memory. One study, published in the journal PLOS One, found that people with ADHD and participated in regular physical activity obtained 30.52 percent better performance on concentration tasks than people with ADHD who didn't exercise.

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3. Sleep well

Adequate sleep is central to the ability to concentrate. During sleep, essential repairs take place inside your body and your brain, which works to consolidate memories and repair damaged cells. According to a study published in the journal Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, sleep deprivation appears to activate the sympathetic nervous system, increasing blood pressure and stress hormones, making it difficult to concentrate.

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4. Eat brain food and take a supplement

The food you eat can have an important impact on your brain function and ability to concentrate. Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamin K, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, and other key nutrients improve brain function and protect the brain from oxidative damage. A large body of research shows that a nutritious diet promotes a healthy brain, and a supplement like Thrive Naturals Super Brain Renew provides five brain-essential nutrients to further support memory, clarity, and concentration.

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5. Train your brain

Research shows that the brain can learn to ignore distractions, increasing your focus, creativity, and productivity. Some good exercises for training your brain to focus include meditation, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, memorize poems or quotes, and integrating movement breaks into your day to help re-set your focus.

Sustaining a high level of concentration for any length of time requires good brain health. An overall healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious food, supplementation, exercise, and adequate sleep is crucial for keeping your brain functioning properly and optimally as you age.

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Super Brain Renew

For an added assist in taking your concentration to the next level, consider adding Thrive Naturals Super Brain Renew to your daily supplement regime. Containing ALL of the “Essential 5” brain supporting ingredients, Super Brain Renew is the maximum strength dosage available anywhere for those looking to improve cognitive function, memory, focus and mental clarity.






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